A Disjointed Mess of a Documentary

A Story?

There was a heartwarming scene of His Holiness reuniting with the Indian political officer who guided his family out of the TAR. There was an interview with each man about their memories of that escape.

What Is Happening?

The interviews are scattered between scenes of an archivist talking about Heinrich Herrer’s photo collection from Tibet, a charming interview with the former president of the Kashag, and a reporter talking about Chinese skullduggery on the Tibetan border.


And then there are scenes concerning the nunnery and hospital in Dharamsala.


And then there were the obligatory dippy DJs and Sanskrit scholars going on about how today we need compassion and whatever we think effects the universe.



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Vivian Yongewa

Vivian Yongewa

Writes for content farms and fun. Has an AU historical mystery series on Kindle.