Half-cocked Rationalization of the Paranormal: Silliness in Action

Hyman’s Imperative

Sometimes the explanation for a spooky, inexplicable event that you have been told is simple.

The Wrong Explanation

Captain Disillusion went on quite a rant when a few news anchors called a photo shopped image of a city floating over another city a Fata Morgana. He was mad because it would have taken a few minutes of reading the Wikipedia article to figure out that they are using the term Fata Morgana wrong.

Stupid Explanation

The BS Historian recently wrote a post pleading with others to stop medicalizing vampirism because it is stupid.

Testimony Can be too Crummy to Come to a Conclusion

Lots of people have experienced stuff they don’t understand and then reported their confusion to others. They drop details and misremember things and misunderstand events. There is no way to figure out what is going on from their accounts and it is ok to just say, “Huh, interesting. Shame there is no way of knowing what that was about.”



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Vivian Yongewa

Vivian Yongewa


Writes for content farms and fun. Has an AU historical mystery series on Kindle.