On The Nanowrimo Project

Vivian Yongewa
1 min readOct 23, 2022

I had to disassociate it with the contest in order to create the actual project

A traditional Nanowrimo project is 50,000 words long. That is 1,600 words a day.

Very few people do that. It’s a very open-ended, ‘everyone is a winner’ type of contest because the people running it acknowledge that. Unfortunately, if you’re using their word counter for a project and want to kickstart it with a high word count goal, you can’t associate your project with Nanowrimo on the word counter.

Or, at least, I can’t click the ‘associate with Nanowrimo’ box because it then won’t let you change the word count. I wanted to change the word goal because I have a standing policy:

I Don’t Set Myself Up To Fail

I will set a goal so low I can step over it.

That way, instead of spending hours fretting about how I am failing to do whatever it is, I can just do the thing.

In this case, write 90,000 words in three months. That’s still an obnoxiously large word count, but there is more wiggle room, and I plan on giving myself even more cheating space.

Lots and lots wiggle room for me. I will absolutely give myself a head start of several thousand words from this month.

I will step over the goal because there is no point in setting a goal that isn’t going to be achieved anyway. That’s just a reason to scream at yourself until you give up.



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