Why Vitamin C is the Dream Woo

Just Enough Science To Be Dangerous

Vitamin C is, in fact, important to your body for a whole slew of processes such as making collagen and neurotransmitters. And scurvy is a real thing.


For something that brings its producers $600 million a year, it doesn’t require a huge investment.

‘What’s the Harm?’

Vitamin C, famously, is peed out of the system if you don’t need it, and you don’t need most of it. It’s hard to overdose on, and people are unlikely to keel over right after downing a bottle of pills. Want to claim it cures ‘brain fog’ and ‘wheat belly?’ Why not? No one will sue you when literally nothing happens.


This is the ultimate panacea: backed by enough evidence to keep actual scientists making endless qualifiers and explaining nuances, cheap and harmless enough to bring the dishonest money without lawsuits. Win-win.



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Vivian Yongewa

Vivian Yongewa

Writes for content farms and fun. Has an AU historical mystery series on Kindle.